How GPS Drives Business Forward With PUREDI

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Since its inception, Geriatric Post-Acute Specialists (GPS), a Central Texas-based group of board-certified physicians, nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, and physician assistants, has been using PUREDI and ChartPath for billing, revenue cycle management, and aspects of practice management. While GPS was introduced to the platform through a business relationship, the company has stayed with PUREDI for multiple reasons, including excellent customer service. 

About GPS

GPS was started in 2013 by Dr. Jason L. Martin to manage post-acute care services for geriatric patients. After managing patients on his own, he formed GPS officially in 2015. The company now has a team of more than 20 physicians and other healthcare professionals to aid multiple patients throughout the area. GPS provides on-call coverage and specialties including transition to home, palliative care, hospice, and other specialized services. 

Building a Working Relationship

According to Randi Lee Jenkins, Vice President of Operations, the company started using ChartPath and PUREDI in 2015 after Dr. Martin learned about the benefits of electronic health records and other automated billing tools. However, GPS has maintained this working relationship for nearly a decade because of the robust tools PUREDI is able to offer, not to mention customer service. 

First-Class Support

“We are on a first-name basis with most of the people in the company, including our dedicated account manager. I never have to wait when I need something. Our account managers are responsive.”

Jenkins notes that PUREDI fosters a true partnership with clients, and she appreciates that her account team is dedicated to making sure GPS collects as much as they can. She states, “If your billing company is not doing that, ultimately you fail.”

GPS appreciates that the PUREDI support team consists of highly-trained medical billing and coding professionals who understand what their practice needs. Jenkins notes that the GPS account managers assigned to their team are easily able to anticipate what information is most important. Because of the nature of healthcare, she knows each agency’s needs will likely be different. She states, “Our account manager knows what questions I am going to be asking and has the answers prepared. If she doesn’t know an answer, she gets back to me in 24 hours and is able to deep dive and look into the issue.”

Detailed Reporting To Best Manage a Practice

Along with the customer support team’s experience and professionalism, Jenkins appreciates the breadth of reporting tools PUREDI offers. She notes that her team has been able to use the data to better manage their practice. 

Each GPS physician or other healthcare practitioner is offered a salary with bonuses tied to relative value units (RVUs). While most of the team hits RVUs consistently, Jenkins noticed a physician who was constantly struggling to stay on target. “With PUREDI, we were able to look at the payor mix, and we noted that our provider could not be successful based on where he was located and the patients he was seeing. I was able to adjust his RVUs based on his location and now he is consistently successful.” This provider is also bringing more business into the practice. 

Without being able to look at these details, GPS management would not have known that this particular provider would not be able to hit the same targets as providers in other locations, because they wouldn’t have had the granular level of data available. 

Jenkins said, “The reporting system is crucial because there are so many different avenues for data. I can look at information to the level of facilities and payor mix and see what adjustments we need to make. The data PUREDI provides stands out across the board. Other platforms are not comparable with their data.” 

With PUREDI, GPS can also request reports. For example, Jenkins regularly requests a report that shows how many new patients are coming into the practice each month. With this data, she can see when new patient levels might be dipping and investigate why. It could be something simple such as normal ebbs and flows throughout the year, or an issue that needs attention, such as customer service. 

PUREDI Makes a Difference

With personalized service from support professionals with industry experience, PUREDI helps each client manage its practice. GPS appreciates the ability to use the platform as an administrator to access the reports they need on demand. 

Your practice can also benefit from top-notch customer service from professionals who understand your needs. With PUREDI, GPS has been able to make data-driven operations decisions that make everyone in the practice more successful.