Powerful software that is actually, you know, powerful.

Don’t let the burden of medical billing weigh you down. With over 20 years of experience in revenue cycle management, PUREDI’s software has the muscle to run smooth, efficient, profitable operations.

PUREDI’s platform easily adapts to changing reimbursement models to ensure your billing will meet the demands of diverse specialties.

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PUREDI’s software suite is the most robust RCM product in the biz.

The demands of government regulations, value based care and other mandates have forced many software products to focus their development efforts on the EHR piece of the puzzle. That means medical practices are forced to adopt billing solutions that are not ultimately designed from the perspective of “billing first.”


EHR Versatility

Our RCM solution easily interfaces with your EHR so you can operate your business with platforms that maximize your productivity and profitability.


Key Software Features



Simply connect to the internet and unlock PUREDI from anywhere at any time



Unlimited connectivity options to EHR’s and third party products


Flexible Platform

Custom plug-in apps to meet your client’s needs



User specific dashboard tracking all phases of the revenue cycle


Multi-Function Tools

One click is better than four clicks to affect change



Unlimited options, real-time, customized favorites, or create on the fly


Secure Messaging

Unlimited options, real-time, customized favorites, or create on the fly



Seamlessly and completely integrated



Create your look and write your rules


Patient Portal

Electronic posting of patient payments



Ability to do more with fewer resources



“If” and “then” redefined

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Medical billing software costs can vary based on the features and services included. Here's a general overview:

Subscription Model:

Typically starts at around $199 per month per provider.
Includes features like unlimited claims and eligibility transactions, customizable reports, HIPAA compliant messaging, electronic patient payment posting, unlimited users, and no additional fees for EHR integration.
Comprehensive RCM Services:

Often priced based on a percentage of collections.
Includes all the features of the subscription model plus additional services like full revenue cycle management, dedicated account managers, US-based customer service, and custom reporting packages.
For exact pricing, it's best to contact the software provider directly to get a quote tailored to your practice's specific needs.

While we might be a bit biased, we believe PUREDI offers the best medical billing software out there. With over 20 years of experience, our platform provides robust features like unlimited claims transactions, customizable reports, HIPAA compliant messaging, and seamless EHR integration. Our flexible pricing models and top-notch customer service ensure your practice runs smoothly and profitably.

To use medical billing software, start by setting up your practice's details, configuring user roles, and inputting patient information. Verify insurance eligibility before visits. Enter charges and generate claims, using claim scrubbing tools to check for errors. Submit claims electronically and track their status. Post and reconcile payments from insurers and patients. Utilize customizable reports to monitor key performance metrics and ensure the software is HIPAA compliant to protect patient information. Regular updates help maintain security and compliance with industry regulations. This process streamlines billing, improves accuracy, and enhances revenue management.