A professional, accurate and efficient contracting process is imperative to efficient medical billing and revenue cycle management. PUREDI provides that comprehensive contracting solution.

PUREDI will provide reports detailing all contracting and credentialing efforts on a monthly basis or as requested.

We have extensive knowledge of competitive rates in the managed care marketplace, putting you in a better competitive position and positively impacting your business operations. With our experience and strong relationships with managed care companies, PUREDI clients receive equitable contracts resulting in increased managed care revenue.

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PUREDI’s highly skilled credentialing resources have developed and maintains strong relationships with third-party payers and government entities to allow for quick resolution to credentialing issues. After the initial credentialing effort is complete, PUREDI will manage the re-credentialing cycle and automatically notify you of expiring documentation to ensure your physicians’ files remain compliant and up-to-date.



PUREDI specialists offer a variety of expertly managed care contracting services that employ proven strategies and tools. Our consultants are experienced in complex contract negotiations with insurance carriers and have an in-depth understanding of various reimbursement arrangements.


End-to-end, managing revenue for medical groups is a full time job. We’ve got it covered.

We know it’s difficult and navigating through a myriad of regulations presents more challenges today than ever before. That’s why we make it easier by staying ahead of the game and managing everything for you.


Revenue Cycle Management

With over two decades of experience providing medical billing services, we know how to get your reimbursements back to you faster.

Analytics & Reporting

We arm you with the business analytics and critical information you need to monitor KPIs and make smart decisions to meet your goals.


In order to maximize your return for your hard work, it’s important to make sure your procedures are coded properly.


Practice Management

PUREDI applies its best-in-class industry knowledge and experience to help build successful practices.



PUREDI’s sophisticated platform technology is designed to meet the health information exchange needs of any healthcare entity, large or small.

Credentialing & Contracting

A professional, accurate and efficient contracting process is imperative to efficient medical billing and revenue cycle management.