We can help you streamline your revenue cycle to get your reimbursements faster. Take advantage of our range of financial management services and find the right solution to fit your needs. We offer a menu of services with the option for full financial management.

Hospitalists often deal with high-volume billing processes and low-overhead, which can be a challenge for even the most experienced RCM professional. Our billing solution is based on a solid foundation of experience, offering in-house technology to streamline your RCM process and get you paid.

PUREDI's  claim scrubbing and denial error process allows you and your team to close the cycle with patients faster. The time you currently spend tracking down payments can instead go to revenue-generating activities and patient care.

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Enhance financial performance with hospitalist billing solutions.

Our hospitalist revenue cycle management services are designed to optimize your billing cycle, providing comprehensive solutions that include:

  • Customized reporting and analytics for in-depth insights into your revenue cycle
  • Expertise in hospitalist billing codes and compliance to maximize reimbursement and minimize denials

For a hospitalist, billing and coding errors may be standing in the way of timely revenue collection. An estimated 80 percent of medical bills have errors that lead to denied claims. PUREDI can help minimize these errors to optimize your billing and improve your RCM. 

Use our reporting and analytics features for a comprehensive assessment of your RCM. Identify and address bottlenecks in your RCM process to generate more revenue. Our team at PUREDI knows every aspect of the industry, and we will help you evaluate your RCM and practice management process to improve efficiency, allowing you to get paid.


Streamline your hospitalist groups revenue cycle with PUREDI billing services.

Instead of trying to implement automation to streamline RCM by yourself, let PUREDI do it. PUREDI’s cloud-based software is rooted in over two decades of experience with the medical industry. We offer full billing services, including free consultation on your business and processes.

We can help you wade through the intricacies of billing and claims processing for multiple patients and procedures to close the service loop and optimize your revenues. Our team can help you improve multiple financial metrics, including your first pass clean claim rate and your average days in accounts receivable.


Efficient claims management and streamlined workflows to enhance operational efficiency


Dedicated support from our knowledgeable team of account managers specializing in hospital billing processes


Customized reporting and analytics for in-depth insights into your revenue cycle


Drive financial performance with hospitalist billing services.

Harness the power of our hospitalist revenue cycle management services to streamline your revenue cycle and achieve financial excellence. If you’re tired of spending your time on non-billable activities such as claim processing and coding and tracking down payments, PUREDI can help you reclaim your day. Our financial experts know medical billing and RCM, and we can help you reduce the claim errors that take you away from your patients. 

For hospitalists, staff training is one of the key factors in RCM success, and it’s harder when you work at a smaller practice. PUREDI’s cloud-based software minimizes the training required because it is user-friendly and comes with a dedicated account manager to walk your staff through the process. Your current system was not designed to optimize revenue. We know you need to follow protocol to keep your patients’ records safe and secure. PUREDI can interface with your electronic health records, allowing you to remain in compliance while helping your hospital become more profitable. Our platform is: