Efficient post-acute medical billing services.

Our mission is to maximize your revenue while removing the burden and worry of navigating the complex, ever-changing world of medical billing. We offer a complete solution, including state-side account managers and 100% cloud-based software that is continually updated by professionals. Our billing services inlcude:


Revenue Cycle Management

Custom fit our services to your needs to maximize revenue, improve cash flow, and shorten your billing cycle.


Analytics & Reporting

Customizable reporting provides the data you need when you need it, while analytics show you how to improve operations.



It’s challenging to find affordable coding resources. Our expertise in post-acute billing codes will maximize reimbursement for you.


Credentialing & Contracting

We handle initial clinician credentialing and update your files automatically. Professional, equitable contracts with payees can increase your revenue. 


Your bottom line grows when experts manage your billing.

Your bottom line can be seriously impacted by denials caused through coding errors. But PUREDI’s experts constantly update our revenue cycle management (RCM) software and management services with the latest codes. 

Gain a 3% to 5% increase in claims revenue by reducing claim rejections. A PUREDI partnership will elevate your billing cycle and reduce your claim denials. 

Empower your practice to:

  • Minimize denials by ensuring accurate code submissions.
  • Receive knowledgeable and reliable support from a state-side account manager.
  • Use our proprietary software that generates custom reports for post-acute practices to help analyze and optimize the revenue cycle.
  • Use the correct coding methodology created by certified experts to maximize revenue while slashing denials. You get paid faster and boost your bottom line.
  • Connect critical healthcare information with the people who need it — EHR clinical data, essential financial information, and patient records are accessible safely.
How PUREDI Helps Post-Acute Providers

You can enjoy the highest possible returns from your post-acute care billing cycle. PUREDI has been maximizing clinical practices’ business efficiency and financial health for over two decades. We understand how to make all the client submission rules and regulations work for you. Learn more about how we help post-acute care providers grow their bottom line.

Explore Everything PUREDI Does

100% cloud-based revenue cycle management (RCM) software maximizes the efficiency of your healing cycle operation end-to-end. Get more reimbursements back faster with PUREDI’s full range of software and services working for you. Your billing and IT worries reduce while your cash flow improves. Discover all of our services.

Observe PUREDI in Action

Seeing PUREDI in action will give you a direct experience of how much it can help your post-acute care practice. You’ll know how our best-in-class RCM software can save time, improve efficiency, and improve your bottom line. Reserve a demo now to watch PUREDI in action.